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 “When I first met Margot I had just walked off a Golf Course in the middle of a Medal Round for the first time in my life.  My confidence was destroyed, things were so bad that I was frightened to stand over the ball as I had absolutely no idea which direction it would go  and consequently I could barely bring myself to make a swing. That day I hit one pathetic drive too many and I decided for the benefit of my playing partner's game, and my sanity, that I had to call it a day. I trudged back to the Car Park and vowed to sell my Golf Gear and take up another sport which would not take such a toll on my mental health.
 I was so frustrated I sat at the driving range to calm down before driving home, when a lady, (who I later found out was Margot), approached me and asked how I was getting on? 
I replied that I was "scunnered with golf" and "if I ever hit another golf ball again in my lifetime it would be too soon", Margot then disappeared for a moment before returning with a basket of range balls.  She took my 7 iron from my bag and thrust it into my hand saying "hit a few balls for me", at first I was reluctant, (I was truly at the end of my tether), but eventually I was persuaded to hit a couple of balls. 
 Margot stood back, said nothing and watched while I hit 3 balls, all in different directions and on various different trajectories, Margot then stopped me and said, " I think I see your problem", made a couple of tiny adjustments to my set-up, placed another ball on the mat and asked me to swing again.......this time the ball flew through the air on a lovely rainbow trajectory right at the target! I then hit another, and another, each ball flying where I had intended.............I was cured after only 3 swings!
 I had another couple of lessons with Margot quickly thereafter, and the next month  and played in my Club Championship Final where I was matched against the reigning Club Champion, with a handicap 6 shots better than mine.  Thanks to my lessons, I was a much stronger golfer now, and was much more confident, I played my own game and put into practice all the things Margot had taught me.

Rob Milligan, Strathmore Club Tankard Winner

“I knew Margot Smith for several years when she lived in The Netherlands. She trained as a golf professional here and passed the exams with flying colours - a considerable feat in a foreign language. Her determination and commitment continued to be evident as she took on the post of assistant professional at a local golf club in Wassenaar. She was a popular and well respected member of the team taking full part in all activites - teaching, the shop and repairs and alterations to clubs; she is skilled in all these areas. With regard to the teaching I can speak very personally as she taught me to play. She has a patient and pleasant manner that makes even a non-athlete like myself believe they can truly achieve.” 

Pamela van Driel (former head of “The British School in the Netherlands”)

“Over the last two years I have benefited greatly from a series of golf lessons from Margot Smith and in this time my handicap has reduced steadily from 21 to 12.  Despite now being a pensioner, I am getting greater length off the tee than in my younger days.  
Margot has many fine attributes as a teacher.  Her friendly and forthright manner puts pupils at ease, while her infectious enthusiasm encourages perseverance when results do not come instantly.  As well as quickly spotting swing flaws, Margot is good at explaining what she is trying to achieve, without getting bogged down in technical detail and abstract theory.
In addition to improving my long game, a single putting lesson resulted in Margot identifying a major flaw in my putting technique, leading to a more consistent and repetitive stroke.  My bunker play has also improved with Margot’s expert tuition.
I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Margot to anyone who is looking to improve their golf game and reduce their handicap.  I wish her well in her new venture at Glenisla Golf Club.”

Donald Ross, Blairgowrie

"Margot gave me a series of refresher lessons which were most enjoyable and successful!!  She is an excellent teacher and an extremely pleasant person with lots of patience."

Professor Michael Gent, Strathmore

"Margot not only raised my technical game but raised my enjoyment of the game as well"

Philippa Dingwall, Coupar Angus
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